Welcome! Sannu da zuwa!

This is a family of sites to help you find out more about the translation of the Holy Bible into Nigerian languages. Nigerians speak over 500 distinct languages today. Some languages have the whole Bible, but most have none yet. Many people across the country are working hard to bring God’s Word into their languages and into their communities. This is where they share the fruit of their work as directly, quickly and economically as possible.

“Freely you have received; freely give.”
— Matthew 10:8

Two kinds of people use this site:

  • Bible Translators, wanting to write about their work
  • Readers, wanting to find out about, read and understand the Bible properly.

Each language has its own section (such as jenjo.ngbible.combokyi.ngbible.com or ezaa.ngbible.com) and the content is independently managed by the translation team or representatives. Most of the text in each language section should be in the language itself.

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